Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Busy day

One Good Thing about morning tea with my friend is we always have deep conversations.  Today's topic, as it is for most North Americans, was the state of humanity.  My friend suggested we need to get back to the sense that we are each of us connected to all of life. We cannot continue to think of ourselves as separate. Yes, we are individual and unique, but our actions affect so many more than ourselves.  It was a conversation worth skipping breakfast for.

Then I ran around doing errands. By the time I reached the grocery store, I was hungry.  All of my purchases were healthy.  I shocked myself.  I found peppermint in a pot and a hardened tomato plant so that I could have fresh produce in my lunch. 

A good portion of my list was crossed off with good results. Rooms were painted, phone calls made, bird cage scrubbed, chapters finished.

I was going to bail on my walk toDeCew House but it was such a lovely day out that I wanted to take advantage of it.  I knew Casey wasn't up to the challenge so my dad shocked all of us by taking his dog on his own walk. Ky and I sprinted the 8km distance between the historic house and our home. We heard frogs, followed a robin who never let more than half a dozen feet get between us and him, and admired a deer in the field beside the highway. Ky made me laugh when crossing the bridge. He kept popping his head up so he could see over the cement railing. He's a curious dog.

Here he is in front of one of the fireplaces at DeCew House.

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