Thursday, April 04, 2013

A variety of good things

It was a beautiful day out today. Sadly, the flamingos took flight to warmer climes. I was disappointed when I came home but I think the dogs are happy to have their yard back.

One of my favourite patrons came in to the library tonight. His darling little daughter is adorable beyond words. Tonight she wore a frilly purple skirt, green/yellow/purple striped tights and purple socks.  She always bounces through the door and announces her arrival in a large young voice. Then whispers because she's in the library.  She is the only child I've ever heard cry, "I don't want to go to McDonalds, Daddy. I want to stay at the liberry."

In other news, a large box appeared on my porch this morning. going by smell, Ky was confident it was for him.  The contents were a beautiful Polwarth fleece from Fibre Garden. It was a generous birthday gift from Stashaholic with a sweet message from the guys and puppy in Jordan.  I really need to stop in there and say hi.  I might be too busy spinning for the next thousand years. It's going to be fun.

How was your day?


  1. I'm glad Ky is sharing your gift :-) I started washing mine tonight. John and I are going back and forth on a drum carder. I have 4 fleeces now and hand carders just aren't cutting it!

    1. I'm in drum carder envy. I was thinking covetous thoughts about one earlier today. If we ever do the Icelandic fleece film, we'll each need one. We can film at Fibre Garden and have everyone on a carder. Until then...