Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Expectant good things

My passport has been renewed and should arrive within two weeks. I was able to keep my old one with all the cool stamps.  Little thing but it makes me smile to remember the places I've been. 

Had lunch with a good friend.  We admired the hats I'd made for each of us. Mine needs a photo. You've already seen hers.

She helped me adjust to the fact that tomorrow I can no longer deny I'm middle-aged.  Yes, women in my family live into their late nineties, one hundred years or older.  So middle age.  I thought my life would look so different than this so the last few days have been full of woe. I wasn't sure why, I actually like my life a lot.  We concluded that I was trying on the expectations and perceptions the rest of society have about how I should look/act/feel at this age.  I gave that back. It didn't fit, wasn't attractive and was a style that didn't suit. I was horribly uncomfortable. I feel much better now.  Amazing what a good conversation can accomplish.

Hope your day met your own expectations, or better.

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