Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Flamingo Good Things

Today was an odd day.  I went to work, picked up my plate stickers, had great snail mail, photos in the email and wonderful notes all over my facebook page. 

When I was leaving work, an older gentleman followed me out to my car to ask me how I like that make and model. He's a regular patron so I let him sit in it, answered all of his questions then rooted around in the various different dashboard pockets while we talked. I found my flamingo necklace that my brother had tossed in the console over a year ago. I love that flamingo.  I bought her after a reading at Book and Co, in Dayton Ohio for Agnes and the Hitman.  My friend bought Hot Pink. I bought Cerise.

Then a friend popped by with a lovely purple orchid as a gift. We were talking about Death's Oven Timer which is a line from Agnes so I pulled the book out to find it. I petted the flamingos on the cover and laughed about the trip we  had for that book signing. A lot had happened in my head during the day so I honestly did not make a connection between the necklace and the book until later.

I went outside to help my friend empty her car and this is what I saw

50 Pink Flamingos!!!!

I hope you had as fabulous a day


  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    There's a church group around here that did that in the summers for a donation. :) makes me* smile & think Agnes & CB whenever I run across them. Even tho' I was only there in my imagination. :)
    I found a flamingo necklace the other day. I also have a flamingo lapel pin I wear a lot.

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Love the flamingos! Who was the culprit? Happy Birthday!