Saturday, April 06, 2013

Tired good things

Lots of overtime and no days off for another two weeks putting me just shy of three consecutive weeks at work.  My bank account is pleased. I'm a bit tired so I opted to stay in bed an extra hour this morning. It was disappointing to miss out on a great walk in such lovely weather but sometimes you have to take care of your body.  The timing was off anyway.

Work was crazy busy but I learned how to do some new tasks today. I always like that.  We're abandoning Dewey this summer and there's a lot of prep. It's taken me a few months to accept the possibility that the Dewey Decimal system is out-dated and not User Friendly. I grew up with it but other than hard core readers and librarians does anyone really know where to poetry, quantum physics or Canadian prime ministers?*

We returned the pine bookshelf to its rightful owner tonight. I'm still on a quest to find glass cabinet doors so the yarn is in a giant recycle bag, several rubbermaid containers and a hamper.  I suspect this project will take awhile.

I took my camera with me on the drive and snapped some orchards with the barest hint of buds.  It will be interesting to watch them unfurl.  We're due for a week's worth of rain.  You know what they say, "April showers..."  I'll share photographic progress as it happens.

*811, 530.12 and 971.0643092

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