Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Variety of good things

It was a monsoon when Ky and I headed out for our walk this morning. I had no idea how much Casey was slowing us down. Or perhaps Ky was motivated to get the exercise over with and back home to a dry house. Regardless, it took us slightly over half the time to walk further today just the two of us, drenched to the bone, than three of us managed yesterday.

After a warming shower, I went to meet my friend for tea and run some errands.  I forgot my wallet at home. We wandered around looking at stuff so my list was much longer when I went back after work.

One good thing about the delay was I took rubber boots off the list. Mine leaked this morning but I realized I can use the same stuff we use to repair Casey's brace to make them waterproof again.  

I didn't buy lunch out. I went home and made something yummy and halfway healthy (garlic pizza with red peppers dipped in hummus).  Work flew by for some odd reason. It was good.

I did so much transplanting yesterday that I had to take a picture off the top of the shelf to put cucumber seeds in that window. I found a lovely frame today so I can hang that sheep picture from Scotland on the wall.

Here's the Icelandic sheep photo being crowded by seedlings.  Milo is off to the right, confident that will never happen to him

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