Friday, April 05, 2013

Misplaced good things

Have you ever tried to find a bamboo knitting needle on a wooden floor?  I had no luck either - because it was in my knapsack.  The good thing is I didn't drop it somewhere between home and my friend's house.

Dinner and a movie with good friends. We all turned down wine. You know we're either 1)old, 2)exhausted 3) out of our minds to turn down wine.  I suspect it was all three.

Humour is a life-saver. Sure, it won't jump into the ocean and pull you safe to shore or beat off creepy crawlies with your best shoe but it will definitely keep you sane.  Fortunately, everyone's humour is different.  My friends were howling over some television show they all agreed was in poor taste. I wasn't amused by the discussion BUT the sound of their laughter made me giggle too.

Giggling. Not just for six year old girls any more.

Today, I was adding a title to the collection. The real title is Pirates, Ho!.  I put the comma in as an apostrophe.  Fortunately, I caught the mistake immediately.  It's a children's book. 

I hope your day had some humour in it as well.

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