Friday, April 12, 2013

Warm good things

I really like my jobs. That's a good thing considering I don't have a day off for another week. My last day off was Easter Monday.  I am blessed in that at least one thing a day happens to make me laugh, I help at least one person per shift and I usually make someone smile.  Books, movies, people - I'm a matchmaker at least half of the time.

My coworkers took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  It was fun, and generous to spend their evening that way.  A retired coworker joined us for the evening and shared pictures of her grandbabies. They've grown so much and it was great to joke around with her.

I've got some stuff rolling around in my head but it's all good stuff.  I will share details and/or photos when the stuff makes sense to anyone other than myself.

As the wind tears at the eaves, I am very grateful for a sturdy house that isn't phased by rough weather. We're all warm and snug indoors watching racing.  Life is good.

I hope yours is as well.

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