Sunday, April 21, 2013

Great Things

Yesterday was amazing.  Up early and out the door to climb the escarpment as we scoped out another section of the legacy trail. It was a workout. The weather was ever-changing. Spring in the valley, winter snow on top of the trail.  The views were incredible. The idea that a lone woman made that part of her walk in the dark, fifteen hours after she'd left her home.

This is Laura's rock not far from where she would have crossed 12 mile creek

The evening was all about friendship.  Our house was full of laughter, cheering (Toronto's hard luck Leafs made the playoffs for the first time in nine years) and mingling all the different aspects of my life.  I am so blessed.  Blessed in all aspects of my life, and overwhelmed with appreciation for every single person who has shared themselves with me.

We had water in margarita glasses, kids jumping Wii over our heads, pennies for local and global charities, memories of hot tubs, chicken wings and newborn pups, Icelandic knits, Guinness exploding over walls, hipping the water tap, melting in the kitchen, one lone rock concert lighter standing in for candles, Boston jerseys, admiring art, planning writer retreats, discussing Aunt Jean's hundredth birthday party, and poignant moment with Casey tapping his brace against a friend's prosthetic leg.

I'm tired today but full.  Work was good, one friend is still visiting, more wine was purchased. We're spending the evening finishing all the open bottles, admiring her new hats, opening the cards that were neglected last night and appreciating all the fun we had last night.

Someone wished I would have something wonderful happen to make me remember the day. It did indeed. 

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