Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Frustrating good things

Our practice walk was canceled due to weather.  That worked out alright as we ended up addressing the leaking tub. Again. 

I got a few things removed from my to-do list. I accomplished a bunch of things that weren't on there. 

The bananas were too ripe for smoothies so I made gluten free, sugar free banana nut bread.  I learned how to make it vegan so I'll give that a whirl next time. It was delicious and very filling.

I'm working on a birthday present and don't have quite enough yarn. Fortunately, I have the wrapper and saw many many balls when I originally purchased yarn several weeks ago.  It's going to be a toasty warm gift though.

Tomorrow's to-do list is very long. 

The best thing about today was watching hockey with my dad. Mom was engrossed in a movie so he came up to my apartment to watch the first period. It reminded me so much of when we'd watch the Leafs with Grandpa.  My kid is a seven year old parrot who was cheering for a NASCAR driver while we watched the game. On Sunday, he will likely cheer for the Leafs. He knows which sport is which. He just likes to mess with us.

I'm going to read for a bit. Books make me happy. 

How about you?

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